Ozark Trail Instant Dome Tent Review

Ozark Trail  Instant Dome Tent Review

Ozark Trail 9′ x 7′ Instant Dome Tent

Ozark Trail Tents are famous for easy set up tents that you can buy for very affordable prices. Ozark Trail Instant Tents also fit to this category by having 30 seconds set up time and come with a really low price tag.

Ozark Trail Dome Instant Tent inside:

Ozark Trail Instant Dome TentThe Ozark Trail 9′ x 7′ Instant Dome Tent can accommodate 4 people, but realistically it is a 2-3 person tent, if you want to stay comfortably with all your other gear inside. You can fit one queen airbed inside and still have extra space for moving.
The setting up of the tent is really quick because the poles are pre-attached to the tent. Dissembling the tent is also simple and it’s not a hassle to put the tent back into the carry bag.
The 2 fully close-able windows are great and the adjustable ground vent and dual roof vents keep the tent cool and comfortable.
The tent holds up well to the wind and rain, keeping you dry. However I have read some reviews where campers were saying that the tent is best suited as a summer or spring tent.


What I love about this Ozark tent is how simple the tent is, yet it’s suitable for most camping situations. The tent weighs only 10.66 lbs, so it can be used as a backpack tent too.

As with all the other Ozark Trail Tents, these instant tents are of high quality and come in colorful designs.

If you are looking for a basic tent that won’t break your wallet, I can highly recommend this Ozark Trail Tent. And for all those beginners who would like to try camping, this is a good tent to test the water!

As the name implies these instant tents are truly instant. The set up is a breeze and the taking down of the tent is also uncomplicated as you can see in the video.


Instant tents from Ozark come in two types: Dome and Cabin Style.

Cabin tents are bigger than the Dome Instant tents. You can read about the Ozark Trail 8 person Instant Cabin Tent review here.



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