Three Ways to Make Sure Your Kids Will Have Fun Camping

camping activities for childrenIf you want to have a blast camping with your kids, but don’t know how to go about keeping those faces smiling there are three things that will help guarantee a good trip. Plan to take a kid-friendly food supply, incorporate activities your children love and prepare to camp in the car if your kids realize they don’t like sleeping in a tent. Planning a camping trip with each of these things in mind, with help alleviate any stress about enjoyment.
Dried fruits, vegetables and dinners should be the first things a camper considers taking. If your children don’t like the typical item’s try trail mix, raisins and jerky. If you have a way to dehydrate your own food, this may be cheaper and you can do it weeks before your trip. My kids like sitting in front of the fire with some cocoa or soup (the kind you add water to). Take your kids to the store with you and have them pick out several items that are dehydrated or dried.

Make sure you plan the trip to include plenty of kid friendly activities. If you are going to a camp ground, take your child’s bike or something from home that will keep them occupied while you prepare meals or the fire. Hike or take short walks with your children and talk about anything you see, and what they think about it. Camping is a great time to bond with children. Play games like, “I spy” or bring a board game to play at night. Don’t forget the camp fire and ghost stories, that all kids love.

Most children love the idea of camping, until bed time. If you have really small children, plan on having them sleep with you in the car. This is more comfortable for little ones and it keeps them warmer at night. If your children are older, they still may not like sleeping with the bugs, so be sure to have a bed prepared in the car, just incase they want to slip into it at 2:00 a.m. Prepare a bed with pillows, blankets from home and have extra flashlights on either side of the bed. If there are children of the same age in the car, be sure to put some cards, books and games around the bed, so they can have fun.

Having fun camping with your children, always creates memorable experiences for both kids and parents. Keep your food simple and kid friendly when you camp. Plan activities while camping that you know your children already enjoy. Prepare the car for a slumber party or cozy family bed if it rains. Following these three simple steps will keep your family wanting to go camping, and make the experience a relaxing one.

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